Tango Soul Productions

Bryant & Faye Lopez

Bryant & Faye Lopez are internationally renowned traditional argentine tango dancers whose styles derive from the milongas of Buenos Aires. While maintaining the authenticity of traditional tango of the golden age they bring their own interpretation of the current times through feeling and connection which is the most important aspect of their dancing. They continue to develop themselves through the embrace, the expression of the music, the elegance of their walk and a sense of carrying the tradition, the essence of the culture of traditional argentine tango.

Directly from Buenos Aires

Tango Soul Productions offers customized show productions for corporate functions, festivals, private events and weddings. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bryant Roberto Lopez is a choreographer, dancer and performer. He specialises in Argentine Tango and has over 20 years’ experience.


Payadora Quartet

Founded in 2013, Payadora Tango Ensemble has quickly become one of Toronto’s most vibrant and sought-after acts. Payadora performs an expansive repertoire that draws from the height of Buenos Aires’ Tango tradition, including compositions and arrangements by De Caro, Pugliese, Troilo, and Salgan, to the masterful, contemporary sounds of Astor Piazzolla and beyond. Drawing from eclectic backgrounds in Classical, Jazz, Latin, Eastern European folk music, and improvisation, Payadora’s performances exude technical virtuosity, playful spontaneity, and rhythmic vitality.

Highlights from Payadora’s past performances include sold-out shows at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto Music Festival at Heliconion Hall, the Lula Lounge, the Jazz Bistro, the Rex Hotel Jazz and Blues Bar, the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, The Toronto Botanical Gardens Concert Series, the Kingston Road Village Concert Series, the Knox United Church concert Series, the Group of 27 Concert Series at Heliconion Hall, and for the Canadian Opera Company's World Music Series at the Four Seasons Centre. Payadora enjoys collaborating with ensembles and artists from other disciplines.  Payadora has been featured with the London Symphonia and the Hannaford Street Silver Band. In August 2018, Payadora will be performing at the Ottawa Chamberfest. Payadora's  2nd album, Volando includes arrangements of Argentinean folk music, traditional and modern tango as well as original compositions by Payadora members, Wolkstein and Horvath and album producer, Drew Jurecka.